Introversion 2.0 Lyrics


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Lyrics to Introversion 2.0
Barrel full of gasoline, and still, they try matchin' me
Plague with the wicked ways, it's back to the rapturing
Actually capturing souls in a black canteen
Open the cap, and become blackened
Back to the back of the 'Lac, flickin' cigarette ash
Got a chain made of crack, I smoke diamonds
And laugh at y'all strapped with the gat
Like I'm actually scared to die
Pull the fucking trigger, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah!
Back to the back, eyes rollin' back
Spent all my racks, spent it on crack
Spent it on smack, look where I'm at
Ain't going back, ain't going back

Got a heart so cold, remember sellin' dope, remember sellin' coke
DEA pulled me over, plain cars, plain clothes
I didn't bend an inch, I'm strictly sticking to the code
Few years ago was masked up, robbin' stores
Set 'em up on Craigslist, then robbed 'em at the door
I'm at the bottom tryna eat, I got no hope, fuck
Big Ben's death had my head fucked up
I'm poppin' Roxys with the Benzos, chest fucked up
(I guess my luck's up...)