Intro (Meyer Lansky) Lyrics

Tony Yayo

Meyer Lansky - Mixtape

Lyrics to Intro (Meyer Lansky)
Intro (Meyer Lansky) Video:
[Superstar Jay (Love Dinero):]
G-Unit Records... ThisIs50.Com...
Presents... Tony Yayo... and Superstar Jay! (Love Dinero! Da Triangle Offense, nigga!)
"Meyer Lansky... National Crime Syndicate"!
Hahahahaha! (LET'S GO!)

[Movie Bites from "Sugar Hill (1993) ", Michael Wright as Raynathan Skuggs speaks:]
What the fuck am I gonna do, huh?
Where am I gonna go?
Or what am I gonna do, huh? Be a garbage man, huh?
Short-order cook, fuckin' taxicab driver,.. bank teller? [sighs]
I can't go nowhere, man.
You're my little brother! [automatic gunshots]
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