Lyrics to Intro
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Step into the realm, hater get lost
or catch a backhand from both hands like kriss kross
I bust more seed than Johnny apple tree planter
ya'll niggas one sided like a copy from a scanner.
Banner of Sound Tribe, we put it in the air
like our middle fingers are cuz we don't really care
line em' up, load the gun, shoot em' all down
empty the clip then move to the next round.
Down for the cause like nobody else
and thats why our products are flying off every shelf
and thats why your album sits in the same spot
you rappers ain't hot, don't think we forgot.
Not only are we the damn illest
but anytime you pass us a track, homie we kill it
and anytime you hop on a track homie you stop it
cuz as soon as they press play , they wanna change topics.
Now, iller than I've ever been
like they didn't hear all my hoes tell me cum again.
Magnificent, I am the one and only
partying at the top, homie it ain't lonely
I got bitches on the leash like lyrics on the pad
my sloppy seconds are best you ever had.
So when you see me, homie don't trip
I pop whole bottles, you can't afford to sip.
I can't breathe when I'm standing on my wallet
cuz there's no air in space, I need a whatchamacallit:
space suit, follow suit, general, all salute
or you end up in a fiasco like Wasalu
Jaco, I got killers on my payroll
and they'll have you on the run anytime I say so.
I got power like Count Money and Slik
got the whole world on my ballsac, wanna lick?
Let me catch my breath homie I'm wildin'
go back to math class if you think you got a problem.
2 + 1 = T-H-E
add 2 more and you've got W-Z.
Free ain't in my vocabulary,
I'm a hustler, stack cash cuz its necessary.
Legendary like KRS-One the teacher,
just when you thought you took over, you get Ether-ed.
Then raped over like a knife in a gunfight
but take it with a smile, it's all fun right?
I mixed the limelight with a little bit of lemon,
sprite in my hand, cash in my denim.
So follow me, let it be like John Lenin
tryna stop me Paul McCartney? squash the beetle, quit stressin'
keep em' guessin', never let em' know my next move
keep scratching the record just to change up the groove.
Tunes keep bumpin' in my system
R.I.P. to Big and Pac cuz we miss them.
I ain't even tryna fill their shoes
I just want the whole world to remember Thewz,
like MLK, not Adolf H
like Malcolm X man whatever it takes.
And when I get it, I'mma sail off into the sunset...
I cleaned out my locker, no more gun threats.

(Thanks to Matthew for these lyrics)
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