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I keep my figures hidden
Cause they change up, When They see them
Never really knew the kid
But now they want to be him
It ain't always what it seems (x2)

Stage dive off the crowd, drowning in a sea of hands
Only heard one song, but they still got they demands
It ain't always what it seems (x2)

I still keep my Ex as Baby
Lately, She been dirty dancing
No Swayze
Save Me

Envy in my eyes, got that jealousy on my back
Keep my problems in my raps
You fake problems with the trap

I wipe my tears with a stack
Benji and the Grant
Man, they always got my back
It ain't always what it seems(x2)

Young Tilly got the Wave
And you drowning in the deep end
Open 24/7, you just grinding on the week ends
It ain't always what it seems (x2)
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