Lyrics to Intro
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Ah yo Rish, I'm ready man Whenever you are... lets go! Yeah yeah, lets go Yo, so this is it, finally, here's a dream I left behind me Coz what they said would never happen, happened when they signed me I'm still brown, I'm still the way I was when they declined me Couldn't find me in neech repeat, suddenly wanna buy me Suddenly singing --- all the years of rhyming Bend it like Beckham, Jay-Z's in fashion, look at the timing Put rap behind me and made R'n'B as my primary Got a major deal but couldn't help the feel inside of me A touch of rivalry, about with the other side of me Did I turn my back on the person who I inspired to be? This is me against myself so take a ride with me... Rish, Rish hold up, hold up... Jay, Jay what in God's name are you doing?! I'm recording my intro man, what's up? Why you screwing?! I told you before, UK hip-hop doesn't sell Write songs about girls, coz that'll do well My songs... none of this hip-hop nonsense People don't care about music that's too concious Now switch off all this rubbish and just sing.. Hmm... now how the hell do you stop this bloody thing!

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