Lyrics to Intro
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Yo, nothin can keep me detained. I retain to numb pain.
Brain insane, the opposite of humane
And you should bear witness to the end of your existance

I rap gloom, give niggas gat wounds and pack em in catcombs
Cause your lives will expire, when you test the empire
aka, body outliner

I sent you in, and feast when I release the beast within
Its time to meet the reapers twin

So, run from the truth, and you might get boost
My desert goose will abuse and misuse
You're bullet proof, to watch you spit red juice when your bones rip loose

niggas dats full of it, bite the bullet and get their lit hit and split
cause even seeds could eat within this apple

Im the type of nigga that would clap you while you prayin in your chapel
im fillin caskets with casuals
cause the baskets try to battle

for example, I told this chump to stop, didn't know the punk was cocky
till the punk was up the block

so you guys better realize
inflamation is what you facin

from hell, im armed well
i got a metal to chest
excecution style sentenced to death
no other choice, weapons are useless cause verse submersed with the voice
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