Lyrics to Intro
Intro Video:
Came out the womb '88
Landed on this planet, CA, the Sunshine State
Oblivious to the problems I'd soon face
FC, home of the brave, the mindstate wreckless
Government deciding your fate
Stick-up kids, hit licks, divide the cake
How I survived my youth without catching a shell?
Writing them lyrics you can feel like braille
It's my life, my love, my stripes and scars
Sweat dripping from the nozzle of the pen
I did it despite the odds
Excite the universe when I recite a bar
Precise, when I ride the drums I outshine the sun
Brainstorm, out-{divide/defying/divine}(?) the floods
I can turn a whole metropolis to a peninsula
Ink-pen emperor, slang remain infinite
I came to rearrange the game from all angles
Paid dues, made my move to Los Angel-s
Rock like Aesop, sound like a fable
Kerosene flow--melt microphone cables
Coming from the bottomless pit to the top of the globe
Santiago the Prince; where the fuck is my robe?
One minute till 6 in the morn'
You know the area code, 5-59 into my zone
(?) Exile, emerged after Blu
A nigga with an attitude
Who knew I would maneuver through the manure and come out
Still, I
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