Intro (From Nothing To Something 2) Lyrics

Joe Moses

From Nothing To Something 2

Lyrics to Intro (From Nothing To Something 2)
Intro (From Nothing To Something 2) Video:
Ok now that motherfucker get back release
That beast about that motherfucker
Rest in peace for heaven seek in that motherfucker
These rappers weak so I delete 'em in that motherfucker
JMI, tatted on my face and neck
I'm on , I swear to God
And all my bitches love that big dick like it's their job
That ain't no motherfucking benz nigga, that's a dodge
I got a million niggas from the 50's to the pridge
I tell 'em fuck em, end of discussion
We only bustin' if it's nothin', better say it's nothin
And they no head those bitches we jumping and alot are bustin
And fuck a fucks in the hole fucking party did
Corey I go to war with Obama
See these hoes be drama
I got that bitch named Shanala
That sucked the nose of Osama
She wear gucci and prada
And got a friend named Yana
Her pussy better than rhana
Shit ain't no copy your honor
I had no primes with primes
Ain't no wilin' we stylin'
Got a mansion on my nigga
And on my wrist what you drivin'
Fuck peace we violent
2 strike for the team
I give 'em for your dick
But you gon' like what you see
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