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Hurricane Chris


Lyrics to Intro (Caniac)
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Come out of your vehicle with your hands in the air

So listen uh
Before we go any further let me explain something
There's DJs and then it's those DJs
You know the type I mean like
The type that have one of those distinct voices
The type that when they say something things happen
The type that when they walk into a club
You know the night's about to change
Oh yea by the way I go by the name of Mr. Thanksgiving, DJ Drama
You know I represent that quality street music
Now with that being said let me get back to the topic at hand
These DJs right
My man is one of ‘em
He goes by the name of Maybach
Yea, you know him
Quite well
So when he makes a phone call
That phone call means something
And without further a due I bring you here for a reason
For the Caniac, right?
That 51-50 AKA Ratchet City foreva
You know the homie Hurricane is back
I don't want you to get nervous
I don't want you to get scared
Please believe and become a believer
Aye Baybay holl at these niggas

Back around for one more go around my nigga!
No disrespect, but Sandy didn't do shit
I go by the name of Baybay, aka Mr. Aye Bay Bay
The reason for the season
Better known as Maybach Bay
Hurricane come drown these niggas

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