Intro (Battle Scars) Lyrics

Paradise Fears

Battle Scars

Lyrics to Intro (Battle Scars)
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This is a call to arms
For the poets that are inside of us
This is shedding our skin
and breaking the chains that are binding us

This is pictures of the truth
This is life in real time
All the words we always wanted
But could never make 'em rhyme

This is the way that she looked
This is what I believe
This is the way that it's been
and it always will be

This is the war that was raging inside of me
When I told you all that I was fine
You taught me never underestimate the power
of ten thousand hearts that are beating in time

This is for everyone
that's still holding on
to all the things they fucked up
and all the people they did wrong

All the songs they never sang
Our story's still the same

We've been holding it in so long

So Hallelujah, Amen
Holy whatever, Bless your soul
Because these are the words
that set up the verses that let us
free ourselves through rock and roll

And this is music, this is spirit
This is passion if you'll let yourself hear it
Cause there's mercy in the verse
A story in the chorus
A bridge to get us over the sea of doubt before us

It's all mapped perfectly in music to save us
Spinning the soundtrack to our beautiful chaos
Imperfect existence, grab it and own it
And I swear to God we'll have it all in that moment

So take every picture
of your perfect life
You can splatter it with color
and the paint will dry

You can throw it in the air
and you can watch it fly
Just for one last time squeeze it very very tight
And let it go

(Thanks to kelleetee, Jessica and emily glockner for these lyrics)
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