Lyrics to Intravenous
Intravenous Video:
Summer lays in field and fern
there's no return from what you learn
leaves behind a keener burn
I'll drink to you tonight

Intravenous, intravenous
come to me undissolved
Intravenous, intravenous
take on this whole

there's never any medicine in sugar pills
but I have grown addicted to your high
there's heaven in an innocently given will
I'm craving for a love that's simplified
and pure.

winter wise, in sleep we find
we dream, we fall behind

Intravenous, intravenous
come to me undisguised
Intravenous, intravenous
open my eyes

All I really care is that the sun will rise
cos I can find a certainty in light
In younger days I couldn't find the compromise
but now I understand that you were right
and everything around us will regress to this
depending on each other for a high
there's only you and me to make the best of this
and everyone outside can stay behind
the door
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