Lyrics to Into The Blue
Into The Blue Video:
You're diamonds keep shining and bringing you luck, love is a long shot you know
Down in the valley, deep in the ruts where the wild flowers grow
There's a sound so sincere, when you find it my dear your eyes will rain tears on the snow
When the sun shines down on the white ground it turns into water and flows

You know I'll come callin' when the snow stops fallin' and the water starts runnin' down stream
And I have been recallin' the moment I met you like a moment inside of a dream
A dream that I just can't wake myself up from, I'm not really sure I would want to
'Cuz I would not care if it did not compare to the love that I feel when I'm with you
Like water running into the blue

Well it's all flown by in the blink of an eye and I wonder if I could let you
See from my view straight into you, after all we've been through I would bet you
You would see love beyond and above, above any doubt that regrets you
You gave me your all to stand and not fall and forget them all that forget you
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