Lyrics to Interlude
Interlude Video:
Yo mentor! I had to count the number of times people have asked me The whole Asian thing is it a fad or is it gonna last I mean bro, you know you and me were doing this time back I'm tired of hearing the same things And saying the same words to answer the same questions Trapped in my own world, I'm tired of sounding bitter I told ya This is so much more than just a chip on my shoulder See the strange thing isbare rappers and Bare singers have managed to find a niche for themselves in this business So you wouldn't think it'd be hard to distinguish A British Asain brother who raps and sing English. Wrong! Forget the fact that im Asian Coz they said I was copycat and whack imitation Until the media jumped on the bhangra scene Now all of a sudden there seems to be an angle for me That's why I hear... "Jay why don't u rhyme using phrases a bit of Punjabi and soon you'll be the latest craze kid!" My language ain't a fad its an honour We even got Craig David to say 'Ah ji bhangra pohna'

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