Lyrics to Interlude
Interlude Video:
Feelin' like fuckin' me
Feelin' like fuckin' me

Been checkin' you for so long
And I feel (feel)
Girl you should let me know, what the deal (deal)
Been peepin' out your vibe (vibe)
And if you wanna let me slide (slide)
So what you need to do right now
Is keep it real
I know you want me home just like
I want you (I want you)
So stop frontin' like you don't
When you do (do)
And if you feelin' kinda naughty, naughty
If you really 'bout it, 'bout it
And if you get me rowdy, rowdy
My love will make you shout it, shout it

If you're feelin' like lovin' me
Feelin' like kissin' me
Feelin' like suckin' me
Oh, you're feelin' like fuckin' me

Fuck up
Come give me some pussy
Big cat, watch
This a big dick, the one that was on the video
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