Lyrics to Instro
Instro Video:
You're Always Standing In The Corner What's The Matter? Nothing's Happens
You're Always Dancing Out Of Time Now Do You Care If The World Shatters
You're Always Dancing Out Of Step Now There's No Rhythm In Your Pattern
You're Always Dressing Out Of Fashion There's No Anger In Your Passion

You're A Piece A Part Of The Crowd No One Can Deny
You're Always Laughing Out Loud
All Confirmed To Return Again

You Never Keep Pace With The News Boy There's A Million Things You're Missing

You're Never First Out With A New Ploy There's No Message In Your Mission

You Never Take Case With The Causes Or A New Type Of Religion

There's People Crying You Can't Hear Them

You'd Rather Beat Them To Submission

(Thanks to Big Electric Cat for these lyrics)
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