Lyrics to Instincts
Instincts Video:
Lying on the cold tiles; lying to myself
To think I can resist you; to put my heart upon a shelf
I rush to complication; I shower in my doubt
Nothing is suspected - irony that I'm expected

To trust my Instincts
Ceiling staring back at me; daring
to trust my instincts

Kamikaze lust to justify; like Adam and his apple,
Like Judas and his foolish pride
I rush to complication; I speed to my own death
I'm trading my foundation for a moment of your heated breath.

I'm trusting my instincts
Adam's apple tasting right I'm
Trusting my instincts

She don't move me like you do
She don't do the things you do
She don't make me - make me wanna
Lose my mind and act a fool

I'm trusting my instincts
Fight or flight; feeling like I'm
Trusting my instincts
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