Lyrics to Instilled
Instilled Video:
You close my eyes to any ideas but your own
keep me deaf to the sound of revolution
tie my hands from achieving my freedom
you want my brain to think only my thoughs and what are you doing to break the cycle?
talking drunk and inhaling their lies
or are you abstaining and staying stupid?
either way were still left behind
so tell me how can they be your actions when it's their ideals that fill your head
these thought are instilled upon us all and were told freedom is being lead
when in reality freedom will only come when we realize who the fuck is really in control
without their cooperation their system will fall
it thrives off the misconception we can't survive without them
when we are all individuals capable of thinking
yet weve been instilled with dependencies and the myth we can't survive without leaders
how can they be your actions when it's their ideas that fill your head?
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