Lyrics to Inspire
Everything is
Crumbling beneath us, crushed below our feet
Constantly consuming
There's no refusal for the ways
We justify our selfishness
And spreading the disease upon the helpless

Tell me where did we go wrong?

I refuse to take another step beyond
To satisfy my arrogance in temporary bliss
I separate my body
Questioning my very own existence

Be the light in the dark

You bite the hand that feeds your soul
Keep watching while they choke on the bone
Of your self-serving act of violence
I'd rather die alone
Than giving up on hope

Crucified in a living hell
Walls are closing in
I walk the battleground with broken wings

I've always been the man of cheer and delight
Until the sun goes down and I start to fight
Starting to battle my inner demons
Re-find my strength with these words so self-healing
But every now and then life puts me under
Why do I struggle? it makes me wonder
But soon or later I will rise and shine again
To solve my problems and inspire as I meant to be
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