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Lyrics to Inside The Universe
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Galaxies like lamps in the dark,
black holes lost in the bottom of the space

Fly with no more weight,
with no more mark and under me
there is just the immense
Jump with no more support,
open wide the eyes, around me
nothing is hidden

Now I am no more inside
anything, and out there
all seems so different
I try to tighten the hands
and I contain all the eternity in them

Inside the universe galaxies that
you will not ever reach no more
Look in your hand, try to supppose
where your immense is laid

Now I am just looking for,
I regret the gravity
and I vague in everything,
planets distant from the earth
who knows where do they go,
where is the return

Inside the universe each reality
is an immense treasure, imagine
inside yourself, without horizont
your sight get lost again

Search what you have lost,
try to go back,
your sun is aloof like your world

I'm flying into the dark,
it's the only reason left
I don't know why but it's the only way
to return to my home

Fly with no more shade,
without knowledge of the way,
there is just the immense
I close my eyes in vain,
there is no more wind
to push on the sail

Now my journey is lost in time,
perfume of a past time,
in my hand there is my earth
I pray for I could find the way
of the return, what was about my world

Inside the universe my unchained song
doesn't find response, I miss
what I have lost The lonliness
kills me so slowly...slowly...slowly....
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