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As Our Army Grows

Lyrics to Insanity's Call
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I close my eyes
To see the lesser lights of shade
The ambivalent image
That keeps the dark at bay
I look from face to face
But the false smiles won't fade
A voice inside screams to me
A warning of all that may be

A man of former clarity
My life laid out before me
Then you came along
And soon it would be kill or cure
Why all of your mind games
When you don't want to play
Why did you target me?
Was I a goal to achieve?

We struggle everyday
As our lives we just play
We need to hold on
And there's nowhere left to run
My mind it screams to me
How can I take it all?
There's a pain in my head
As I hear insanity's call

We share the agonies
Exposed unto the world
We are unblinkered when
It comes to their hurt
Dare we lose a piece of ourselves?
Which we really can't give up
Another push towards the fall
And soon we won't resist

We struggle ...
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