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Hey, open fire,
Do you even know what you're burning for?
Gave me the fuel - gave me desire
To ignite, or to expire the flickering of your torch.

Stutter, speak, whisper to me the fiction, or try.
And levitate your mind with stale restrictions, and apply
Yourself to ignorance.

Hey soldier,
Do you want to know what you're dying for?
Another senseless war.
Hey, broken record,
You know you've said it all before?"

Stutter, speak, whisper to me the fiction, or try.
With obvious, irrelevant restrictions, we're alive,
But we've "paved our way."

The fall was overrated,
Threw me every-which way.
I'm calling off the operation,
For your sake.

I can't quit chasing your touch,
I'm not gonna say what I know you're thinking.
Call me crazy, I just may be.
Calm, calm your nerves,
The bitter pill cages all our demons,
Call me crazy, I just may be.

I can't speak for you,
I can only sing.
"It's just like you to get over me."
I'm still surprised, to say the least,
Completely blind, incompletely free.

The fall was all I needed,
Threw me every-which way.
By default I made it to the places I did not want to be.

Hold it together.
We'll fight our way through the weather.
Hold it together,my love,
For just another hopeful endeavor.
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