Innocence Lyrics

Roy Woods


Lyrics to Innocence
Innocence Video:
Yeah, ohhh yeah, ohhh yeah
Is it me? Brr

Baby is it me you're asking for? is it me
Got a lotta weed, smoke all you want
Girl I'm back, for your ass, fine ass goin' down
Took a long time to reply, that's fine
It's all good when I'm in, it's all good
It's all good when you're out there boss
Ain't no stress, no stress on my level
Girl I've been on the wave, that biddy ain't on my level
Man I fucked a biddy, hit the pussy up, that's it
Oh I stopped to go pick that up, That's an interception
When I walk through, girl I pre-wonder who they mention
Check my mentions on Twitter, I still get mentioned
Blow bounce like the hydraulics up in the bitch
I'll still fuck the bitch, I'll still ignore the bitch
Fuck her, slap her face, moaning, she say she like it
Turn you over, fuck you from the back, let 'em hear it
I'm a freak, I'm a dog
I might hurt you shorty
I was on Molly before I got to the party
When I come down, fuck a come down, Imma turn up
Catch a young nigga would with them shorties til the sun up
I'm still smoking on loud
Gon' reach to the car for a second, make her cum four times and uh
I'm south side nigga
[?] one card through my south side, nigga (one time)
Woah, what's goin' in the city, [?] my nigga
[?] wagwan my nigga (what's good), wagwan in the city my nigga (what's good)
[?] wagwan my nigga (what's good), wagwan in the city my nigga (what's good)
[?] wagwan my nigga (what's good), wagwan in the city my nigga yeah (what's good)
[?] wagwan my nigga (what's good), wagwan in the city my nigga (what's good)

Still fucked up, you still fucked up (x8)

On road, everyday it's a new ting
Who, who's got a problem, who else want a ring
Everybody wanna shine, number one stunner
While we mob in the city, niggas robbin' cos of hunger
Mama ain't seein' nothin', she on the same shit
Young nigga don't wanna keep eating the same dish
Lost in his mind for a bit
Gotta move on over, my girl turn bitch
Makes sense of this life again
They're not involved in what I've been saying with ya'
Niggas need somethin' to do, get the bigger picture
Before they starvin', we gotta fix a widow
We were all lost together, so I step up with ya'
I'm in the 6 but I'm tryna' get comfortable
My niggas told me that workin' they nights late in studio
Same shit a year ago
Bitches is workin' the telly, my niggas OT got the work around
What'd you mean she actin' crazy?
Now what d'you mean niggas is trapped in the city?
Now what d'you mean niggas is packin' up?
Seen all the fakes tryna' get around
Salute real niggas, stay real nigga
True to your life, to yourself nigga
You only lie to yourself nigga, that is gon' make me [?] up with ya'
I'm doin' me, you do you nigga
No one else can see nothin' too
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