Lyrics to Inner Tube
Inner Tube Video:
All People of this desert
all Natives of the sand
come gather round our alter and give in to our command.
We did not come here to wreak havoc, or to rape this barren land.
We have come here on a mission to assist our fellow man.
We know are not welcome, but you will thank us in the end,
for we have tasted the forbidden fruit
and we are willing to extend every single ounce of knowledge,
every truth that we possess, but in return we want allegiance.
We want you to represent every ideal that we stand for.
You must throw away your faith in the doctrines you held dearly
and the Gods that you once praised.
Come out from behind the rubble that was once known as your home.
If you dare you to disobey us, then I assume you wish to burn!
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