Lyrics to Inhuman Butchery
Inhuman Butchery Video:
I saw at the leg with rabid determination..
Merciless and murderous I grin with delight..
A rusted hacksaw ripping and tearing through muscle..
The blood spilling and spraying from severed arteries..
Stench of past killings linger with choking humidity..
I meticulously pick loose meat from cartilage
and begin to feed..
Then carry on with the killing..
Blood splattered on my face..
Fresh cadavers hang from meat hooks..
Most of the body laid out in pieces but the victim still conscious..
I've sown, severed and splattered the corpse to be.
The hunger to kill pumps through my veins..
Upper cranium removed exposing the brain..
A calderon of boiling acid hung over the prey..
I commence the acetic death..
A pile of skin, flesh, and bone sizzles on cement
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