Lyrics to Infinity
Infinity Video:
Standin' on a trap door, there's a hole in the ground. Underneath the door there's a hole and it goes to infinity. Standin' on a dark street, there's a light in the sky. Followin' the light through the night as it goes to infinity. How can I avoid infinity? How have I annoyed infinity? I'm movin' slow in infinity. I even glow in infinity. Chorus: It's hard bein' small, (hard bein' small) Shrinkin' into space, (shrinkin' into space) The world is just a ball, (world is just a ball) It was my fav'rite place (it was my fav'rite place) Lookin' for the blue skies, watchin' for the sunrise. One thing you can bet, you won't see it set in infinity. Gonna take a light beam, on the wings of the Jet Stream. Gonna take my place in the infinite space of infinity. How can I be friends with infinity? Can I make amends with infinity? How can I complain to infinity? What'll I explain to infinity? (Chorus) Give me just a time shield before the world has it's fate sealed. Protect me for a while before they turn my dial to infinity. I hope I can contribute, oh, but I don't want a tribute. Hypocrites will come and say somethin' really dumb in infinity. I can't hear you sing in infinity. I can't change a thing in infinity. The absence of light in infinity gives me a fright in infinity. (Chorus)

Songwriters: MCLEAN, DON
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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