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Cell 666

Lyrics to Infernal Majesty
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Enslaved by the summoning souls
Angels falling from the crimson sky
Raped by the unholy prince of eternal night
Global perfection burned by Satan

So it has been written with fire in the sky
Unholy presence shall strike
The earth with the holy lie
The throne is crowned
For a thousand plague filled years
Embraced by demon hordes
And conquered believers faith

You are the one prince of darkness
Obscurities manifest
Driven by betrayal and divine
Raised by the one who killed
Their firstborn offspring
You shall rule the cosmic storms
And embrace the beastly natures

So come to me my child
And I will show you this brand new world of mine
Come sit in the knee of Satan
And I will lead you to profound victory

Through this passing gateways of heaven
Straight down to hell
I will forever be embraced
By the father himself

Teach me father fallen angel
Wicked goddess truth you are
I can be your first disciple
I can be your god
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