Lyrics to Infectious Agonizing Parasitism
Infectious Agonizing Parasitism Video:
[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Bacterial virus into corpus
Cutaneous mycosis by moulds
Organism contaminated by microbes
Malaria, dysentery by protozoa

Flagellates, amoebae, infusoria
Parasitized vermes
Helminths inside apparatus
Burrowed trematodes
Morbidity by bilharzia
Taenia extruded hook
Cluster of ascarides
Incubation of infestants

Posterior with pinworms
Hookworm into mucosa

Digestive tube with echinococcus
Mites into bile duct

Ganglia full of filariae
Tumefaction of lower extremities
Bedbugs, lice and heteroptera
Crab lousiness of pubes

Itch exanthema
Tick inflammations
Sucking leech

Flea bite into human host
Stomoxys larvae from dung

Trachea with bluebottle ovula
Lucilia carnivorous nymphs

Vital bots into flesh
Pupae in flowing secreta
Tse tse fly on the eyeball
Sinistro cerebral myiasis

Venomous spidery arthropoda
Tarantula and black widow
Paralysis by scorpion
Collapse of man.
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