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Lyrics to Inexorable Malignancy
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Imprint with shame
The trace we leave
Foreseen events of
The omen of creed
Desecrated image
Our purest gift
Save us from perdition
Grant shelter
To those after me

Repentance, now it's too late
Maintain equal balance
Between nature and men
Chastise upon us
Feast on the holy flesh
Bleak halo, dark, unclear
Martyrdom of the weak.

Mesmerizing achievements
As the deluge couldn't with thee
Standing on the 7th seal
The countdown will reveal

Fools the penance is here
Fools perished shall be
Soldiers and knights
On bent knees
Awaiting the demise

Thus heaven I've forfeited,
I know it too well.
My soul, once true to god,
Is now chosen for hell.
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