Lyrics to Inconsolable
Inconsolable Video:
They say in life you win some, you lose some
That never seems to be my outcome
I heard your footsteps fading down the hall
Another case of win none, lose all
And now it seems that you're not coming back
We tried to talk, it felt like an attack
And now it seems that you're not coming back
Well, it's no wonder that
I'm inconsolable
You're like a weed that's wrapped itself around my heart
I should've known you'd crush me from the very start
You said things would be different, and I believed
What can I say?
Love makes you naá¯ve
I think of all the months â?? god, what a waste
How all our hopes and efforts were misplaced
If it's for the best that we say goodbye
Then darlin' tell me why
I'm inconsolable
(Don't try to make me feel OK
Some tears just can't be wiped today)
My mom says â??Come on, baby, show me a smile
Your heart will mend, it just takes awhile
Come on, darlin, show me you can�
But she don't understand
I'm inconsolable
Don't try to make me feel better
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