Lyrics to Inclusive
Inclusive Video:
like a favorite slave, who's learned to hide behind the chains
your presence sickens me, i'm trying to tell you something
born into your bonds, played the puppet all along
but so quick to dismiss me, do you even know what's out there?
cast this world aside, they'll bleed you till there's nothing left,
no limits to their lives, their end is never changing
all that you can see, kneels at His feet in sovereignty.
time is complete, all that you can know
will praise his name as you will.
little finite minds, masters of their finite lives
but always seem to come up empty
needing kingdoms built from birth but death reclaims them all to earth
dust to dust and memories
and this orchestral masterpiece can only end in tragedy.
can you hear God laughing
deep unto deep
all creation braces for the passing of this time.
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