Lyrics to Inclination
Inclination Video:
I wish I knew all the answers
And I could share 'em with you sugar
But for now it looks like
It'll have to be a test of faith
I'll remember the good times
And I'll dream about you
And dream, dream, dream about you
If you could have just one wish come true
Would it help to ease the tension
I was thinkin' maybe we could just walk for awhile
And hold hands like we used to do
I'll sing a song about true love
And bring you roses in the spring
You see things could be so simple
If you didn't pass your blind judgment on me
So now that you're here
Can you find something good in me
I'd surely hate to think you have up on me
And let your sweet, sweet love slip away
I wish you wouldn't pass me by
Cuz I'd be so lonely without ya
Something's telling me to just keep on tryin'
I could never give up on you
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