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Deadline - EP

Lyrics to Incineration
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I don't think that you and me, should deny out history
cuz it's wrong, and you and I will never be the same again
it's not always easy letting go without letting it show that I will miss you

why did you call my phone last night?
do you think it's fun to always fight?
so you'll never come to terms with all the bridges you have burnt

I don't know if telling me you'll quit will really solve this shit
that you have put yourself in sometimes attacking is the best defense
but it's not the best way to make friends or to make amends

You wear your shields so high, and I wonder why
I never hurt you and I never will
sure, one day I'll stop by - but I'll apologize
you don't need to be scared

you're asleep - I'm awake
I'm still here - you're away
I'll never fall - you'll never see
just what has - become of me
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