Inception (Gracie Love) Lyrics

Candice Pillay

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Lyrics to Inception (Gracie Love)
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Why do I come back
Don't ask me where I've been
When you don't even care
Feels like I'm checkin in
There is nothing left to say
My mind is made up I think
I'm better off without you
In my beautiful mistake

Your my beautiful mistake...

I meet you in my dreams
Every night when I close my eyes
So tell me why it seems
You? for me
If I can steal your thoughts
Leave them in memory
I build a city up
The best of everything
Of the luck that was in your eyes
When you first kissed my lips
And I,
Know from the inception
Your love is no direction
I see my own reflection
Is nobody here...
Ohhhh uuuuu

There's nobody here... [x3]
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