Lyrics to Incendo Arcos
Incendo Arcos Video:
Listen to the children
tell the stories of their lives
terrified to sleep
at night to take a breath to cry
wandering the streets unarmed
clad in solid black
for when tonight the demons rise
the child will come back
in the failing light we see the end
of this life
and welcome it
take me to the surface let me breathe
just for this
so the child paints a portrait
of a midsummer night sky
adding to it pieces
of the world seen through his eyes
bombshells and bloodshed
and tears between the lines
light a match the canvas burns
in the end we all die
wheres the good in goodbye
when all of us cry
at the end of the road
we'll run
can you hear the child crying
and im scared
of what may come
but ill stand in the light
we are the end
of this life
so welcome us
take us to the surface let us breathe
just for this
the end of days
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