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Lyrics to ...inbetween The Trees
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hooray. why do you need to see nothing.
when i want to see you and be near you today.
turning to the sun.
turning looking for something more.
but everyday my thoughts turn back to you.
tell me while i'm breathing in.
looking all around me.
looking for what i need to be.
i look at myself then turn back to you.
to be near you but you're so far away.
inbetween the trees he sees all that you can't believe.
inside my mind i reveal all i try to hide.
it's time to confide.
you're so far away. wait.
the concentrate makes the rest of us.
i'll be giving you my resignation.
your presence here is an understatement.
no decisions made with a massive head wound.
long day.
only twenty-two hours short.
nice way to finish my retort.
and if i had those other two hours i'd probably waste them.
so you're waiting.
wait for me.
how behind are we.
how can we end here.
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