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Lyrics to Inauguration
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What's this talk from these no name niggas about who's the nicest
Who is the illest
Boy, you already know what it is
It's my motherfuckin boy Duffle Bag Ran
You know I don't lend my energy for weak niggas
So it gotta be known
Roll with it and come get on the payroll
Or get rolled on

If you thought about sayin my name, nigga, forget it
An animal can only bite the hand that fed it
Gamble with your life, some niggas'll have to bet it
But the everyday struggle to you would be Akademik
Find 'em in the crevice
Readin old tweets of them talkin over zealous
And act like they never said it
I see where this shit is headed
Life is a movie, and I'm playin with the edits
Have you layin with the medics, nigga
Be lucky if your name in the credits
Some niggas leave here with no tombstone
I was only 5 when my momma threw my ass in a group home
Now I'm cuttin grass in a few homes, I'm too grown
Shit is all clear, gotta stay clear
Cause niggas'll have your name in everything but a prayer
Man I swear, I'm in tuned with the hatred
I think like the kid who bent spoons in The Matrix
It's obvious the level is high
For you to live rich, several'll die
They say the devil's a lie, I talk real that's the rebel inside
Chip on the shoulder, never set it aside
So keep your feminine pride
The best ever, either dead or alive
No disrespect, that's competitive drive
It's better to die, if you don't live a life ready to thrive
I know they hate, see the red in they eyes, listen
Believe none of what you hear, a quarter of what you seein
How you wan' race, the foreign or European?
The roars from the Koreans
Top model bitch, that whore be in my DM
Niggas play rich, you ballin but I'm a GM
Stuntin a team, I'm the nigga you become in your dreams
Put the gun to your queen
A Lil Uzi couldn't mumble a thing
A brass killer, but the humblest king
I don't thumble a thing
Countin this money got my thumb in a sling
10, 20, tuu, man too many hundreds to bring
Shit I'm too damn calm, you'll never see Ran rattled
Don't get sent up a stream or river you can't paddle
Niggas'll try and kill ya cause of what you got
The brighter the light shine, the darker the damn shadow
Chill, if you don't understand you will
You sleep on it you should plan ya will, this nigga Ran is ill
I spit cold, give your man the chills
A big problem, no answer still, got hands of steel
Who wan' smoke? I got cancer still
Who wan' coke? I got grams to deal
Who on Ransom's heels? I'm here homie, let's get to it
So fuck who did it before, I'm the best to do it
I custom kitted the Porsche, but the Lex is stupid
Encrusted chips on the cross, the baguettes is blueish
A gang full of niggas, the execs is Jewish
I don't talk just to be talkin, I expect to do it

What the fuck you thought?
Nigga you better take that mumble rap shit over there
Go dye your hair or somethin, this real rap right here
The president, Duffle Bag Ran
You already know what it is, right? Hahaha
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