Lyrics to In Your Hands
In Your Hands Video:
(it's all inside your hands) you make me feel so weak - and so small and I just try to live - you killed me maybe all the things I seek - I have seen I will never find them I know it's too late to say these words now you are gone and oh my body hurts my life's so empty - I lost my friends open up your eyes I'm crawling back to them(again) and now you feel like I felt then (again) it makes me feel so warm - heroin 'cause my life is oh so cold - oh so cold just take it and get calm it's the only love you left for me I came too late - you're gone for good (I) would try to do everything I could but I have failed - I'm just a creep a greedy junky - I only need (only need you) and now you feel like I felt then my heart lays broken in your hands in your hands... I can't escape from where I'm now it's all in your hands, all in your hands it's all in your hands - I'm dying in your hands (...heroin...)

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