In Your Face Lyrics

Cat Power


Lyrics to In Your Face
You never need, you're American
You never take what you say seriously
You're on the bed
You're on the ledge of things
You've got it made
And when you wake
It's all in vain

You never said you'd do anything
You made excuses for your mind
Objective goal and collective
Don't you dare forget it
Don't you forget it
Don't you forget
Don't do it

In the age of military
You are engaged with such fanfare activity
You let them do things as they please
In a grave you're accounted for
If you were red you'd be spoken for
You're color blue is gray

In the arms of the one you love
You feel safe, you feel so above
The hunger on the streets
With your safe
And your document in its place
Your money, your gun
Your conscience, sweet like honey

You forbade yourself to think
See where you are as you begin to sink
In your mirror, in your mirror
In your mirror, in your face

In your mirror, in your face
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