In You Wanna Ride With Us Lyrics


All American Gangsta

Lyrics to In You Wanna Ride With Us
In You Wanna Ride With Us Video:
(feat. Slim Thug, Brandon Stacks)

G'yeah-g'yeah what, uh-uh..

Come ride with us come slide with us, ain't too man thugs that's fly as us
Purple paint and my inside's buck, peanut butter jelly on my brand new truck
Roll with us and get thoed with us, the wheels I roll 24's and up
E.S.G. like a suicide bummer, every damn summer I blow it up
And down South ride big bodies, at the club sipping Hypnotic
Pour the lean better ask somebody, the click I roll with got real thick pockets
Money in the bank got money in the stash, like Kanye West your shit might crash
Better get a vest my click gon blast, rat-a-tat-tat on that ass
SES see we grow, independent CEO
One month we can't stop the show, to the industry they can't lock the do'
Man why stay where I'm from, some'ing bout to change them boys like huh
Chick look good them boys like huh, chromey wood them boys like huh
2004 two do' Beamer, 26'll make my truck look meaner
Suck it up like a vacuum cleaner, keep J-Lo cause I want Serena
Strapped with the Nina or the 4-5, Southside till I'm gone
Better leave it alone or get chrome to the dome, represent for your home if you know this song

If you wanna ride with us, you gotta be down to bust
If you wanna ride with us, talking to my G's and hustlers
If you wanna ride with us, 24's up on the truck
If you wanna ride with us, let me see you throw your side up

[Slim Thug]
Come ride with the Boss, through the North and the South
E.S.G. and Slim Thee, showing off for the house
Gripping the techs everytime we talk, step with the plex get outlined in chalk
Throw up your sets I got mine's up dog, Houston Texas the home of the Hoggs
Hustlers playas G's and outlaws, better ask around how Slim Thug ball
From the N.Y. to the M-I-A-M-I, way to L.A. then back to the Chi
Us G's connected us G's connected, us G's protected us G's respected
My click the shit we got this perfected, you see the rolls gold badge on our necklace
That mean that team out that Texas, you better back-back them boys is wreckless
Come ride with the Boss, get high with the Boss
Drop your top, on your candy blue while you floss
Been gone for a minute but we ain't fall off, you see the 24's everytime we crawl off
Live in the flesh this is Texas best, we don't settle for less you can keep the stress
You don't wanna contest you don't wanna mess, with the supreme team with all the green yes
That's me and E that's E and me, that's Slim Thee and that's E.S.G
That's BHO and that's we, you could be blind and still see
We run this shit since we done this shit, it won't stop until we die
So if you down with us then come clown with us, get on in and let's ride


[Brandon Stacks]
Come ride with us get high with us, ain't too many niggaz fly as us
Hogging fo' lanes we driving trucks, 21's and up playa that's a must
ATL gon ride with us, Memphis Ten getting high with us
Them Florida cats be showing up, Texas boys we po'ing up
STL gon ride with us, any nigga plexing gon die not us
E and Slim they platinum plus, I'm a young outlaw trying to back em up
Stack em up show to show, make it known we trying to blow
From Arkansas to Monroe, from D-Town to Buffalo
Never quit never stall, Brandon Stacks was born to ball
Blow ten G's in Lenox Mall, from state to state from spring to fall
H-Town fifth wheels, diamond grills and candy paint
We started this Screw shit nigga, we invented sipping drank
So ride with us come roll with us, every cd gon grow to plus
Still independent no controlling us, we outlaw thugs that can't be touched
East to West can't forget, red or blue you gotta represent
This for all my niggaz that done died, so strap your boots if you down to ride

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