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Lyrics to In Ya Hood Cypha Remix
In Ya Hood Cypha Remix Video:
(feat. Trip Lee, Thi'sl, Json, Sho & Lecrae)

Aw man ya'll done messed up and let us in ya hood

We back in ya hood, aw man

[Verse 1: Trip-Lee]
These ain't the Boyz in the Hood but these boys in ya hood
Bringing joy to ya hood, making noise in ya hood
Trying to tell the people bout the Lord 'cause He's good
No guns on the waist, we bring our swords to ya hood
We know we ain't the dudes the radio wanna play
Cause we don't smoke drank or tote a 44 on the waist
They got them youngsters yearning lusting for change
And they determined to get they verses stuck in ya brain
Our main thing is to get the Lord's Word in ya brain
So you can learn of the King turn and worship His name
We deserve worse we came to Earth cursed, enslaved
But this perfect person yearns to purchase us main
And free us, so we ain't gotta flirt with the flames
He offers to clean us, like a shirt with a stain
His name is proclaimed yeah we know that Jesus is better
That's why we tryin to teach 'em and reach 'em with records

[Verse 2: Thi'sl]
You know your boy hood like old school and check cards
We ain't posting trying to trap fam, we rep God
In the worst areas of your city
You know who I'm rolling with, you peep the stitch on my fitty
We preaching Christ in our Dickies no more sex in the city
We ain't chopping out here derrty we ain't popping no fifties
Aw man, they done let your boy jump on this remix
Even in the hood you see me posted with my crucifix
If you see us on the streets you know we preaching the Word
From the middle of the map all the way to the third
You know what the mission is if we posting the curb
The gospel, the only thing that we package and serve
We spit bars praying that the truth will make you switch lanes
Get changed like some money passed in a dice game
This the aim for the whole squad since Christ came (we ain't ashamed)
You know the rest derrty go on and peep game


[Verse 3: J-Son]
Aw yeah we in ya hood just to rep the Lord
His word'll melt your hard heart like a Nestle bar
Trip-lee said what it do, let me tell you what it is
We wanna lead more slaves out than Harriet Tubman did
Slaves to what? Slaves to sin, you ain't seeing a change
The reason is plain, you ain't bow to Jesus' name
Look we ain't got no time to slack boy, this here is major
That's why we bring the truth in trap form without the paper
So you gon see us posted when you look on the block
I'm a hustler I want your hood hooked on that rock (I got that rock)
Yeah that's right fam I'm rolling with Jesus
Whose body was broken up like B2K group
Come on and shake loose like a Winans track
Cause you're useless without your life and the Vine attached
So get connected with the truth dog and mash with that
Cause without Christ it's hard to breathe like a asthma attack

[Verse 4: Sho]
What it do, what's the deal, what's good?
We saints, we scholars, we hood
We use Alpine and Fosgate to preach Christ
Bang it in your speakers He fits any stereo type
We stay seeking His face plus our fellowship's deep
I couldn't survive just giving God one day a week
You would think I was from the farm and not the city streets
By the way that boy from Cali just love to feed sheep
They ask me why I do this, I got hits in my head
Nails hitting His wrists, the gospels hitting the dead
But there's too many emcees and not enough preach
But if you wanna do more than rap then call Reach
But if you just wanna rap then call Diddy
You can make his band, catch cheesecake and run the city
We keep it FOTU til the day that He come
Gotta call Christ the Son cause He shine like one


[Verse 5: LeCrae]
We in ya hood and we can't stop running, the clock's on
So get your boots laced and keep your socks on
Cause shorty still off on the ave with the glocks on
And yeah they still banging them heads like rock songs
Kids getting grown and they doing profane things main
Sinners still sinning, they doing the same thing
It seem kinda hard out here on a main vein
We preach God's truth in order to change things
The world still passing away, we passing the phrase
No, not passing a daze by passing a J
Naw you can find us preaching Jesus passionately
And if you ain't using that microphone then pass it to me
Cause I rap, but some I folks don't do that there
Lot of em behind the scenes like who that there?
They still preach Jesus while they do that hair
Take orders sell shoes yeah they do that there
We ain't supposed to stop running dog we after the prize
That won't bend break or rust or perish with time
We ain't chasing the wind naw we chasing to win
Women and men and tell them Christ erases they sin

[Verse 6: Tedashii]
Aw naw ya'll done messed up and let us in ya hood again
And my hope is to get you back where you shoulda been
Back with the Father the fact is we falling
We don't combat them we used songs to get at them
And despite all their chatter and their whoopty whoop
We want you looking at the stratus like a roofless coupe
Because the Lord's coming back like those zootsy suits
But we caught up in ourselves like a bougie nupe
We fight a toothless brute who would confuse the truth
And keep you going all in circles like a girl's hoola hoop
So we behoove the youth getting all in your area
Accept the Christ because the fall's getting scarier
We bury ya now at 12 years instead of 80
That's 68 so from 6 to 8 before the dash meets the date
We get it in in that 10 trying to get them in
That's why we all up in your hood like some spinning rims

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