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Lyrics to In Won't Crap Out
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I'm standin' in a shadow, hating the worldI keep a wall around me, block out the herdIt's a nerve-wreck placeto be, it kills realQuickYou gotta scrape the concrete off your dickBut we're gonna live so happilyIn a faraway place, just you and meIf I don't crap outThe sun will shine and give us a hugThe world will sing like a happy bugIf I don't crap outNo and I won't crap outI won't crap outI'm glad I am crazy, it keeps me tryingI despise the trendies, I knowThey're lyingIf you want to stir up real mudYou had better pay with real bloodBUt the birds will sing a sweet melodyIn a couple of green indifferent treesIf I don't crap outAnd you're gonna know how fine you areGonna write your name on a violet starIf I don't crap outWe'll have a window and we'll have a doorAnd a reason to be living forIf I don't crap outAnd the material singers will fade into dustLike forgotten merchants of disgustIf I don't crap outNo I won't crap outNo I'll never crap outOh I won't crap outI won't crap out

Songwriters: IGGY POP
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