In Women Colour Lyrics

Haviah Mighty

13th Floor

Lyrics to In Women Colour
If I was taller, you would run from me huh
If I wasn’t balling I couldn’t be your cup of tea huh
I mean, what if I wasn’t somebody huh
Since rapping makes you so uncomfortable huh
You’d never actually fuck me huh
They used to say I’m too loud, but that’s cool now
Love my skin, always been proud, guess that’s in now
They used to say I’m too black, with that crude rap
And I courier the boom bap over new trap

Hmm, we’re in your maze
Before they called us monkey niggas
Where are those days?
That cotton picking fucking wit em’
Where are those slaves?
I want em’ on the rise like varicose veins
Hmm, yeah I’m darker than my friends
And finally they see it and they start to get the trend
I gotta do 2 times more to get 4 times less
But it’s cool ‘cause I’m sharper in the end
Still, let’s talk about it

About the fact I got commercial appeal
So ultimately, it’s them dollars that be turning the wheel
Most my homies, they want gold and not that surgical steel
They wanna make more than we currently will
I mean I get it, I’m trying to stack stack stack
All of the coin coin coin
I love that I’m black black black
So fuck all that noise noise noise
Boing boing boing
Lady parts but I’m fierce
This a daily dart from my fears
Issa lazy start from my peers
Imma pave a pond with my tears
I gotta interrupt the service
I gotta switch it up, I gotta think below the surface
They dropping they change, I’m picking up the purses
History deserted, huh

You think I’m proud to be associated with you
I don't need shit
And most importantly I don’t need you
Need you ...

All my life I hung with the man dem
Yeah - sometimes they gotta let you know that you different, I used to
Point guard, set the play on some ball shit
Poised tall, 7th grade, still a small shrimp
We was running, we was shooting and um
This one boy was moving ruder than he usually does
At one point, he threw my ball over my reach
I’m talking way down the street, like 45 feet
I fucking stepped, like is you serious nigga
This ain’t the end, there ain’t no period nigga
This is a mess, I ain’t inferior nigga
Bruh I stepped to him cleanly
So he cuffed by the neck and he beat me
I shrug about it now
Its just my struggle with the power divide
Cause even as little kids, he told me with his hand around me
That all the other boys don’t never wanna hang around me
And they don’t fuck with tom boys, it’s a squad of small boys
He was swinging hard like I ain’t have my dad around me
Like I ain’t always have my sisters and my fam around me
Side eye how them niggas used to act around me
Looking back, I ain’t have a fat ass around me
Still I levelled up, I always had that ladder round me
Now I’m rocking big stages and they gather round me
I got nothing but them groupies and them fans around me
Oh say can you see by the dawns early light that I’m proud like the star spangled banner round me
Shorty gloss like that laquer ‘round me
More a boss than the mans around me
Lil nigga couldn’t shake me
Lil nigga couldn’t break me
Lil nigga couldn’t shake me
Lil nigga couldn’t break me