Lyrics to In Winters Ancient Slumber
In Winters Ancient Slumber Video:
The Skies Above Grow Dark
As The Moon Is Hidden By Mighty Storm Clouds
Cold Winds Blow As Freezing Rain Falls Across The Lands
Ravens Gather Upon High Stone Cliffs
That Rise From Within The Deep And Magical Forests
Hidden Within The Moon Cast Shadows
Are The Mighty Crusaders Of The Dark
On Their Night Black Steeds
Cloaked In The Darkness Of Night Unseen By All
As They Beset Upon Their Quest For Vengeance And Glory
In The Eyes Of Their Dark Lords Who Shall Rule The Lands
From Their Towering Stone Fortresses And Grim Castles
Rising From The Ominous And Majestic Mountain Peaks
The Dark Crusaders Swords Are Drawn
And Coated With The Blood
Of All Who Oppose The Black Hordes
As The Falling Rain Turns To Snow
The Earth Is Embraced In Winter's Ancient Slumber
Thrones Are Made From The Bones Of The Vanquished
As The Dark Crusaders Ride In Victory

[Lyrics: Ixithra, Lord Of The Sylvan Shadows]
[And Synvorlath, Lord Of The Ancient Moon]
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