Lyrics to In The Woods
In The Woods Video:
In the woods, in the woods
let's go in the woods, in our hoods.
under our hoods, lets go russeling

cause if the world doesn't want us
we can find somewhere that does.
and go meet the thing that haunts us
far away from all our fears

let's go, let us go.

there's no bars to squeeze and scream in the woods,
in the woods, let's go sleep.

to the future we remember, and away from our endeavors
come the cowards and the brave
come the cowboys and the braves
and let's die running if we're enslaved.
let's go, let us go
there's no bars to hold us now in the woods
in the woods, we know how

and though our blood may flow out quickly
from our cold feet to snow or stream
at least when we die it won't be
too far to fall before the scary vultures see
our bones blow away between the trees
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