Lyrics to In the Wild
In the Wild Video:
I fell down into snow
I should take a bow
And I should go

My feeling of pain is low
and I´m gonna show
What I know with my bow
How I do my famous shot

I´ll just tell you what´s wrong

Did you grow up
If so then you know
That you should go
with me

I´m putting my fear
into the hole
Gonna make a mound
and live without the sound

Live just with rules
for living in this time
Without the sound
I´m living with a shine

Getting insane of maze
of these days
Outside is raining
and the mound gets smaller

I should stop the rain
and make the sky blue
Let the sun shine
into my house

And all the days
I imagine how we´ll live
I´ve buyed a present
and I´m gonna give it to you

We´ll lie on the ground and
stare at the stars
And count the aeroplanes
that are flying above our heads

And look into the fire
what I´m making the food on
Hear the noises from the forest
The screams of an owl

And bears and foxes and boars and deer and wolves and birds
and bisons and monsters and the other monsters
that no one knows
I know they are there
Because night has
its own secrets.
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