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When 20 Summers Pass

Lyrics to In The Van Again
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Another year I'm here, unload the gear.
There's a health food restaurant over there.
The sound's check's now but no one cares.
Hey what time are we on stage?
The trailer's like a puzzle packed.
With T-shirts, drums, and all our crap.
We take it back.
It's a science the third day.
Now we pack the gear, we're out of here.
It's a 14 hour drive but no one's sleeping.
Say your good-byes and then we're in the van again.
Relationships we're on the phone.
The autobahn's our second home.
I know those roads, from Berlin to Rome.
Like 80 in the states.
And I love this city ad I'd love to stay but at 12 o'clock we're o our way.
I'll be back again in early May cuz we just got added dates.
I've traded in the university for this back seat and poverty.
But this whole time I felt so free and learned more in the end.
And winter has passed but we made it through.
Don't tell me about paying dues.
And if you paid, then you'll know too.
you'll end up doing it again and again and again
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