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Lyrics to In The Sky Part 2 Ft ALA
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Innocent men killed
In a world run by dollar bills
In the streets where nobody sees
Everyday all the tragedies
So many hearts empty, they have no hope left inside
But with heads high, there's a chance you'll find an answer in the sky

So many rappers flying with the angels in the sky
Their mommas weeping and crying, and I gotta ask why
There no denying this is, buying this, obviously a lie
Killed on the vegas strip, no witnesses, a phantom drive by
After a Mike Tyson fight, in the sight of the bright lights at night
Pac assassinated, criminated, another spark was ignited
Months later Biggie Smalls was shot, murdered in cold blood
His mother wanted justice, cause her tears caused a flood
She even warned him not go to back to cali
She knew he was far too young to have to see his grand finale
Still no justice, nobody suspected in the killings
Not willing to look for answers, cops just eating doughnuts and chilling
Filling out papers that read cased dismissed, never fulfilling
The need to have some closure, the police just become the villain
The one thing I don't understand is what motivates the hatred
Hearts of pure black, corruption, murder, robbing, and raping
It continues on, loved ones lost, so many hearts aching
But with the answer in the sky, I believe that we can make it


Guns on the block, hatred in the streets,
with all this violence goin' on its hard to even sleep
Senseless killing people, cats don't appreciate life,
I ask myself why are people's hearts filled with strife
We living some dark times, under the stress people choose to bust guns,
I choose to bust rhymes, forget knives,
wont let that thinking blind my sight,
I say its about time we start seeing light
Every breath is taken with fear then black guns go up in the air,
with the chrome they wanna make a way that ain't there,
never existed never will, but
they so desensitized the only word they know is kill.
In the mall, in the club, even the church
It seems like this mess is just getting worse,
I throw my hands up in the sky, the LORD hears our cries,
he'll make a way and soon will come the brighter days

(chorus x2)
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