Lyrics to In The Rain
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In the rain, everything washes away
Everything washes away in the rain, everything

As the calmness fades away
And the storm clouds roll in
I sit here all alone confused by my sins
Blood drying on my hands it's really nothing new
The betrayal that I felt because I loved you
And I sit here all alone in the dark
Heart pounding filled with pain (oh the pain)
And I put the razor to her neck
Slash out the screams in pain
And she knew what I was gonna do
No way to identify her now that I'm through
But I swear she knew what I was gonna do
Oh Lord, my love it was true, so true

Oh... in the rain
Songwriters: Townsend, David / Jackson, Bernard Leon / Conley, David / Thompson, Josh
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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