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Perfection Of Desire

Lyrics to In The Name Of Comfort
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Ideals fall through... and promises too. We'll skip the test... and settle for less. Who's been overlooked... and who's been rooked? Who's left to die... and who's left to cry? We'll shut our ears... we don't want to hear. The suffering and pain... it'll bother our brain. Don't like being disturbed... or even perturbed. Oh so many hurt for wanting comfort first! Turn off the brain... to reason is pain. It's easier to accept... than to question it. We'll tag and lable... and assume when we're able. Lost our common sense... for the sake of convenience. What friends did we abuse... and who did we use? Which did we chose... and which will we lose? Well it's easier to judge... and hold a grudge. But left sad and lonely, I relied on comfort only! And how much will we waste... decorating our space? A high priced nest... just so we can rest. A test of sincerity; can we preform the austerity? Excuses justification for a comfortable situation

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