Lyrics to In The Long Run
We built this ship with our own blood
And now it sails with a crew
It brings together the people
But pulls apart me and you
Oh, I won’t overlook this

A brave new land in the distance
We’re counting stars in the night
But the wolf stands in our doorstep and we
Have been too busy to see
Oh, I know it takes more than words

The cap’ sinks with the ship
And we’re all captains here
Standing at the abyss
When all hope disappears
In the long run
In the long run
We’ll fill our lungs to say
We did it our own way

Now it’s been nearly decade
Of much love, blood, sweat and tears
How many times could have we strayed?
And we stayed true to our dreams
No one could tear us apart

In every step I have taken
Or all that I’ll ever take
I bring your aura beside me
And that’s the beauty of this
Oh, I’m sure we’ll be all right
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